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Creating Your Own Home Arcade

As a kid, you wanted an at-home arcade but didn’t have the money or space to complete the project. Now as an adult, you’ve saved up money and you have the space to create an at-home gaming room with whatever amenities and games that you want, but you want to capture that nostalgia of your childhood. One of the best things to add into your game room is a retro-style video arcade machine.

Bonus Round Arcades has a wide array of high-quality machines that come pre-loaded with hundreds of classic arcade games. This includes all your favorites and the classics on one machine. Our cabinets come in a variety of different sizes, including upright cabinets, tabletop, and multiple types of cocktail cabinets.

Having your own arcade game cabinet is more cost-effective in the long run and allows you to relive a lot of the happy memories you made as a child from the comfort of your own home. Before you choose which home arcade is right for you, here are some of the most important things to consider when designing the perfect space for your at-home entertainment center.

Find The Right Home Arcade Machine

A video game machine with only one game was great in the 80s, but nowadays, that’s just not practical. The machine you pick out should have a wide selection of classic games. This can save you space and time spent searching for your retro classics. Take advantage of modern technology! Just because you want the nostalgia of your childhood doesn’t mean you should be stuck with the technology of those times, too. Most video arcade machines now come pre-installed with hundreds to thousands of classic games and feature a modern LCD screen.

For those who love to host parties or game nights, a machine with multiplayer capabilities is the best option. A variety of gaming cabinets come with 2 to 4 player capabilities, so you don’t have to leave anyone out. Get everyone in on the fun and enjoy multiplayer mode in games that support the feature.

Your machine should also be sturdy enough to last a long time, so make sure it’s made of materials that will stand all the wear and tear of gameplay. Our units are made of heavy-duty plywood, built to withstand the test of time, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your beloved games often.

Choose The Location For Your Home Arcade

When trying to pick the right location for your new game cabinet, you should take note of where the electrical sockets are located around the room, as your machine should be close enough to one to be plugged in.

Like modern gaming consoles, classic arcade machines for home require electricity to run. Generally, they require 1.5 to 3 amps of power. Luckily, most homes have a 20-amp unit, but that can vary from home to home.

Smaller gaming spaces with only a couple arcade machines or consoles should be fine without the need for any additional plugs, extensions, or surge protectors. For larger, decked-out game rooms with multiple machines, consoles, and televisions, you need to make sure your electrical can handle those sort of power needs. You should also invest in a surge protector for your setup. This adds a layer of protection, so nothing short-circuits during a power surge.

Pick The Right Size Home Arcade Game

The machine you pick should fit into the space you have available. You might have a bar in your game room, but not enough space for a full upright machine. The solution? Buy a tabletop game cabinet that can sit on the bar.

If you want to have more than just a home arcade machine in your entertainment area, make sure you have a suitable amount of space for the game cabinets and for players to comfortably play. For smaller spaces, Bonus Rounds offers options for machines that can fit on your counter or table and convertible game cabinets that also function as regular tables. No matter the option you choose, you’ll have hours of fun once your new machine is installed.

Create The Home Arcade You Dream About

Bonus Round Arcades gets you an arcade that you will cherish for a long time. From mini arcade cabinets to big cabinets with thousands of pre-uploaded retro games, we have what you need. Look through our catalogue and pick out a machine that will help you fill the space in your game room or come visit our showroom and try for yourself. Bring a touch of the 80’s into your game room!

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