Arcade Machine Buyer’s Guide

Retro gaming has always been a fun and nostalgic experience, especially for people who remember and loved those classic games and want to share that love with others. These retro games are also a great way for younger generations to see how video games developed and paved the way for the video games of today.


With arcade cabinets, you can recreate the feeling of an old school arcade in your home’s game room. Retro gaming enthusiasts, no matter their age, can take advantage of this gaming experience and relive their best childhood memories. In today’s society, arcade machines have only grown more common, especially those intended for at home use.


Despite being more accessible, arcade machines are still a significant investment. That is why you want to make sure you buy the right one for your needs.


What To Consider


While this new generation of arcade machines might cost less than their originals, they are still an investment. You should carefully consider a range of factors before buying one for your home. You do not want to end up disappointed in your purchase!




There is a wide variety of arcade machines, from the classic arcade cabinets to cocktail tables and tabletop machines. This does not even cover different specifications, like pinball machines that include real-feel features like working plungers and haptic touch flippers with feedback. Most machines meant more home use are coinless and are made for anywhere from one to four players.


Number Of Games


Some arcade cabinets come pre-installed with three games, but other models can hold hundreds, or even thousands, of classic arcade games. When shopping around, keep in mind that graphics or decorations on the side of the cabinet typically only show one or two of the games included. Usually, these are the most popular games such as Pac Man or Donkey Kong.


It might help you to think of which games you are already looking for when purchasing a cabinet. Were you into Galaga or Space Invaders? You should check the game list to make sure your favorite classic is included!


If you want to know which games are included, Bonus Round Arcades includes a full list of the games available on our consoles. Simply check the listing for a link to the full breakdown of each game included.




Commercial-grade machines can cost upwards of $2000, but that is not always the case for those meant for home game rooms. Home-grade options are often just as faithful to the original consoles, including the same features and quality builds, with a few upgrades. Now, machines feature a full-size LCD screen, often up to 17 or 19 inches.


While most of the cabinets require assembly, including adding an anti-tip strap for safety, or even come with stools, our professional team here can help you with the installation of your newest arcade machine. All the models we offer are also made of the highest quality plywood and include an upgraded power unit and high-end audio amplifier for the ultimate gaming experience. You can relive those memories in no time at all!




The full-size arcade cabinets are popular, but if you are short on space, you might be looking for a more compact model. Some manufacturers include a smaller version of the full-sized product, or they might offer wall-mounted or tabletop cabinets. Always check the measurement specifications and make sure you have enough space in your entertainment space to hold the arcade cabinet or multiple cabinets. You should also consider who the primary players will be, so you can add the appropriate amount of space around the cabinet or include stools for your family and guests’ comfort.


Your Budget


This factor can be tricky to nail down. Prices tend to vary wildly among arcade cabinets for a variety of reasons.


Some of the most popular machines might be found refurbished and sold by others on websites such as Craigslist or eBay, but these pose a risk. No matter how good the price, you are not guaranteed the cabinet. You also are not guaranteed a functional arcade cabinet. In other words, you get what you pay for. A cheap cabinet will likely play poorly, if at all.


Others might intentionally increase the price far beyond the actual value of the cabinet. We have all heard stories of those who intentionally inflate their prices to take advantage of unsuspecting customers who failed to do the research into the average price of the product they want to purchase. Arcade machines rarely reach above $20,000, unless the game is particularly rare and well-refurbished. Keep that in mind if you try to buy a used arcade game.


A better option to chasing down deals on public online marketplaces is to search for verified businesses that sell multicade or officially licensed arcade machines. Despite the lack of traditional arcades, the production of arcade machines and similar products has not slowed down. Multicades provide you with the best bang for your buck, since these often include many games packed into one unit, saving you from having to track down used cabinets that only feature one of your beloved favorites. If you only want one game, however, you might just want to purchase a unit that only plays Pac Man or the game of your choice.


Buy An Arcade Machine Today


Bonus Round Arcades offers a variety of high-quality arcade cabinets and cocktail game tables for your home entertainment needs. If you need help choosing the right unit for your game needs, our knowledgeable staff can help you find the size and model that fits your needs. We can answer any questions you may have.


We pride ourselves on the variety we offer and can even help you set up your new machine! No need to worry about the hassle. Call us today or visit our showroom and find the right arcade machine for you!

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